Fire Emblem: Three Houses Cosplay Showcases Shamir Taking Center Stage

Professional cosplayer Luxlo takes on the mercenary Shamir from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

January 29, 2021

There’s no doubt about it, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is loved by gamers all over the world as they lose themselves inside its masterfully refined social and battle systems. With plenty of characters to choose from and making the hard decision what house you want to belong to, there’s a ton of elements within Fire Emblem: Three Houses that’ll see you captivated for hours on end in the continent of Fódlan. Even with the game’s popularity, very few cosplayers take on the characters found within the game – until now that is.

Luxlo, an experienced cosplayer based in Toronto, Canada, has taken on Fire Emblem: Three HousesShamir in her latest cosplaying adventure. Shamir Nevrand is a member of the Knights of Seiros, a martial force that serves the Church of Seiros in Three Houses.  As you can see from Luxlo’s pictures, she’s holding a bow which ties into Shamir’s usage of the weapon throughout the game. One of Shamir’s statements in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is “I’ve been a mercenary since childhood. Always fighting for a bounty. If my allies didn’t pay, I’d side with the enemy. It’s why I became a sniper. Easier to dispose of anyone with a reward on their head. It’s also why I joined the Knights of Seiros. I owed them a debt.”

Distinguishing her own long locks, Luxlo dons a midnight blue wig to really make her Shamir cosplay come to life as well as wearing Shamir’s unique necklace hanging gracefully around her throat. Making sure she matches her outfit with the Fire Emblem: Three Houses character, Luxlo’s attire is blue and black as she slips into a leather outfit that also includes an elegant pair of boots. To complete this bad-ass cosplay, she also makes sure to come equipped with her trusty bow and a leg holder obtaining some arrows to show enemies who’s boss.

It really is a fantastic cosplay and you can see the amount of work Luxlo has put into her Shamir attire, even down to the smallest detail, not much is missing here. If you fancy checking out Luxlo’s other cosplays that contain some NSFW images, make sure to head over to her Instagram and see what she’s up to next or hit her a follow on Twitter to keep yourself up to date.

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In 2019, Fire Emblem: Three Houses received an update that saw the title get new maid/butler costumes, new recruitable characters, and being able to feed animals, too. In that same year, the critically acclaimed title had sold over 2.29 million copies, becoming the best selling game in the franchise.

If you have yet to play Fire Emblem: Three Houses, why not take a look at our review of the game where we gave it a very healthy score of 9.5 out of 10 in which our reviewer stated “Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the most refined entry in the series to date when it comes to the systems that matter most.” and how “Fans will surely want to go back for more in Fire Emblem: Three Houses to uncover the varying stories and perspectives of every character.”

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