Fire Emblem Warriors Receives New Screenshots and Character Details

Fire Emblem Warriors Receives New Screenshots and Character Details

Koei Tecmo launched the official website for the Omega Force developed musou game Fire Emblem Warriors, coming to New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch the Fall.

The website provides details for four of the main characters, two of which are original, as well as provides information on the game’s story:

A┬átime darkness covered the country of Aitoris without warning. Following shortly after an icon appeared known as the “Gates of the Other World” inside of the royal castle, where monsters began to pour out into the surrounding areas.

The castle didn’t stand a chance.

However, two individuals escaped, Shion and Lian, and this is where their fate to become legendary heroes began to unravel.

Shion is the eldest son of the royal family from the Aitoris Kingdom, who wants to be a knight instead of a king. Instead, he urges his twin sister, Lian, to take the throne instead. Lian is intelligent and knows how to approach situations based on her skills. However, she wants her brother to take the throne.

Chrom (Fire Emblem Awakening) is the passionate prince of The Halidom of Ylisse. He’s is a great fighter and leads his allies boldly. However, he isn’t too good at social interactions.

Marth (Fire Emblem: Shadow and the Blade of Light) is the prince of Altea Kingdom and his the making of a great leader.

You can check out the new screenshots below: