Fire Pro Wrestling World Adds a Second Batch of Stardom Wrestlers

Fire Pro Wrestling World gets a big new addition to its roster today in the form of a brand new collection of stars from World Wonder Ring Stardom.

When Fire Pro Wrestling World launched on PC in late 2017, it was met with largely positive sentiments from critics and the public at large. It stood out as one of the first real competitors to 2K’s WWE series and, while extremely different from those games, it seemed to stand toe-to-toe against the dominant force in the genre. Since then, ZEX Corp and Spike Chunsoft have continually pumped out great new content. We’ve gotten several new official characters, a booking mode, and even a storyline mode that was written by Suda51. And now, they’re back again with a new character pack featuring some of the great wrestlers from Stardom, one of the premier women’s promotions in the business.

The top two Stardom champions Mayu Iwatani and Arisa Hoshiki were already included in the first pack of wrestlers added back in August. However, that doesn’t mean this second batch is lacking stars. Among the additions is current tag-team champion Bea Priestly and a member of the six-woman champions Giulia. Some of the other notables are Tam Nakano, Konami, and Death Yama-san. Of course, a few names like Jamie Hayter and Riho were left. However, between the two rosters, it feels like a great mix of Stardom talent.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is available now on PC and PS4. You can download the new Stardom roster today. While you’re there, I highly suggest you check out all the other content. The booking mode and Suda51’s story mode and unquestionably worth a look if you’re a wrestling fan.

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