Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z - Sergei's Head: Where to Find and What to Do With it?

Sergei's head in the Firebase Z map will let you eventually open a safe in Colonel Kravchenko's room.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has turned into the trend of the gaming community since the launch of the Firebase Z map for its Zombies mode. Aside from the main Easter Egg, there are apparently some side-easter-eggs as well in the map, including the Firebase Z head mystery, which we are going to dig into in this article.

Step 1 – Power Up the Doors

As we already explained in Firebase Z Rai-K 84 guide, you will need to jump into the teleporter, wipe out the zombies around reactors, and interact with them to turn reactors on and power up the whole map.

Step 2 – Talk to Dr.Peck and Ravenov

Now, head to the Mission Control room and speak to Dr.Peck, then go to the Village and speak to Ravanov to get his ID badge. Ravenov is in a cell with lots of monitors. With the badge in hand, you can enter the Omega facility

Step 3 – Find Serums

Now, you need to find three Serums from different locations. The first one can be found in a locker in Colonel Kravchenko’s office. The second serum is located in a locker in equipment storage. Finally, the third serum is in, again, a locker in the Engineering room. Now that you have all serums, go past Barracks into the hospital and you will find a cylinder device on a table named Chemical Mixer. Place the serums there, kill the spawned zombies, and wait until you can pick up the Agent Deliver System, the device next to the mixer.

Step 4 – Deploy Gas Into Dr.Peck’s Cell

For this, you need to head to the OPC section of the map and find a fan on the ground, upon which you can install the Agent Delivery System to deploy gas into Dr.Peck’s room. Now head back to Dr.Peck in Mission Control, where you will find him dancing by himself and speak to him again. Then go to the Data Center, find Memory Transition Station, and interact with it to get the Essence trap.

Step 5 – Find Sergei’s Head

Now, it’s time to find Sergei’s head. There is no exact location for this as every time his head appear in a random place, but it’s not so difficult to find his head. Mostly, Sergei’s head is on the outskirts of the map where you usually have assault waves. It’s easy to spot the head as it has a yellow glow on the surface. Pick up the head and head to the Field hospital and place it on the charging plate.

Step 6 – Catch a Zombie

Now, you need to catch a zombie by the Essence trap. All you need to do is to reduce a zombie’s health bar near to zero, then throw the Essence trap next to the zombie, and let it absorb the poor zombie. Note that if you don’t reduce the zombie’s head enough with your shots, the Essence trap wouldn’t be able to absorb it. When the trap turns purple, pick it up and put it on the device next to the Charging Plate. Sergei’s head will explode and the easter egg is complete.

Step 7 – Get Your Rewards

Now head to Colonel Kravchenko’s office and open the safe to pick your rewards. Note that you will be attacked by zombies when you open the safe.

The video below will help you more to solve the Firebase Z head mystery:

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Mehrdad Khayyat

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