Firewall: Zero Hour Getting New DLC Tomorrow, Free Trinket For PS Plus Members Starting Today

Firewall: Zero Hour Getting New DLC Tomorrow, Free Trinket For PS Plus Members Starting Today

Firewall: Zero Hour is pitting players against each other in a diseased laboratory.

Firewall: Zero Hour is set to be getting a free DLC #3 which will see the arrival of a free new map, a free in-game Ornament Trinket, new cosmetics arriving to the PS store, and improvements to the game.

In a blog post over on, Damoun Shabestari, Game Director at First Contact Entertainment detailed what we can expect from the DLC that’s set to arrive tomorrow for those that own Firewall: Zero HourFirst on the list is the arrival of Containment, a brand new map that will be free to play and bring the number of maps in the title to a ten. Containment will have players in an infectious disease laboratory. There are a number of unique areas that can lead to “epic showdowns”.

Players will also be awarded a free in-game 2018 Ornament Trinket that can be attached to any weapon and is available to grab from now until January 5.

The PS Store for Firewall: Zero Hour is also getting some new cosmetics for purchase with new clothing and weapon camos being available. These new camos are Hologram, Banana, Amphibious, and Dark Carbon. On top of camo, there are new Trinkets that can be purchased as a pack and include a Pigskin, Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer Ball. You can also purchase new patches as a pack with Medic, Samurai, and Triggered being the three available.

Other improvements to the game have improved matchmaking wait times, squad matchmaking capabilities, weapon offset options, and anti-aliasing options. The DLC #3 will also introduce the following.

  • Addition of implementation to deal with idle (“AFK”) players
  • Addition of ability to speak with your teammates during loading screens
  • Addition of Contractor eye movement in the lobby

The blog post ends with Shabestari stating that they’re still commited to supporting Firewall: Zero Hour long-term with updates and DLC.

Since its launch trailer we’ve run a review on the title and Grant discussed how the game is showing him how VR can change the FPS landscape.

Firewall: Zero Hour is available on PS4 and is currently free for PS Plus Members starting today.

Update: A misread led me to believe the title was free for PS Plus Members. Apologies. After several sources confirmed the title isn’t free, the 2018 Ornament Trinket is however free!