Firewall Zero Hour Adding Two New Contractors, Weapons, Skins, and Trinkets

Firewall Zero Hour Adding Two New Contractors, Weapons, Skins, and Trinkets

Firewall Zero Hour has received DLC pack #4 with two new Contractors focused on defense, one which allows you to have an effect on a match after death.

A fourth DLC pack for Firewall Zero Hour will be available today for purchase and will include two new Contractors: Jag and Node.

This PlayStation VR multiplayer shooter has been getting consistent updates since its initial launch in August of 2018 with the latest being no exception. New Contractor Jag has a skill called Ambush which gives the player three mines that they can use to defend specific areas. Ambush will require you to reach level 31 and have 25,000 Crypto in order to be equipped to any Contractor.

Meanwhile Node has an ability called Afterlife which allows you to detonate planted C4 after you die by watching the support feed. This means Defenders can still utilize unused equipment even after being taken out of the round. Afterlife can be equipped to any Contractor when you have reached level 43 and use 35,000 Crypto.

New weapons included in Firewall Zero Hour DLC #4 are:

  • The 9MM Stinger (SMG) (Unlocked at Level 24 / Crypto 24,000)
  • The JA-300 (AR) (Unlocked at Level 42 / Crypto 42,000)
  • The H5 Hornet (AR) (Unlocked at Level 50 / Crypto 42,000)

For a limited time PlayStation Plus members can pick up a Lil’ Diaz Trinket to equip to any of their weapons in order to take one of the most popular Contractors with you into any battle. This trinket will only be available until March 14 and is only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers. DLC pack #3, launched in December 2018 and included a new map, trinkets, and other small updates.

New Face Paints:

  • Kiwi
  • Eagle
  • Spider
  • Janus

New Clothing and Weapon Camo patterns:

  • Geometric
  • Lava
  • Circuit
  • Splinter

New Trinkets – Available as a pack:

  • Lil’ Nala
  • Lil’ Okoro
  • Lil’ Skip
  • Lil’ Diaz

We look forward to hearing your feedback on DLC #4! As always, we’ve been listening closely to our community since launch, and have continued to implement fine tuning to the game along the way. Some recent improvements including re-balancing the Grenade Launcher, XP earning amounts, skill unlock levels, as well as implementing a Crypto penalty on players who quit a Public Match before the Match has concluded. We are always keeping our ears open and appreciate the continued feedback coming in!

Further bug fixes and improvements going live in response to player feedback are a new set of laptop locations in the Shoothouse map, improved hit detection for the knife, and fine tuning on matchmaking. New characters for Firewall Zero Hour cost $3.99 each with skins, face paint, trinkets coming in packs costing $2.99 each or $0.99 individually.

Firewall Zero Hour launched on August 28, 2018 exclusively for PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4 and is a competitive multiplayer game in which teams of players pick from a roster of Contractors to defend and attack on maps around the globe. You can watch the trailer to see Jag and Node in-action below as well as browse the image gallery to get a better look at the DLC.