Firewall: Zero Hour’s Launch Trailer Shows Intense Military Action in VR

First Contact Entertainment’s intense shooter Firewall: Zero Hour takes the classic team-based first person shooter to PlayStation 4 PS VR headset.

on August 31, 2018 1:00 PM

PS VR’s latest endevour Firewall: Zero Hour takes the precise first-person shooter action that we’ve come to know and love from the likes and Call of Duty and Battlefield into the immersive realm of virtual reality.

The squad-based shooter sees a team of players working together online to take down their rivals. Throughout the trailer we’re treated to an explosive display of heavy firepower from the game’s  wide and upgradable arsenal featuring handguns, assault rifles, and shotguns.

Frantic firefights break out inside of luxurious hotels, warehouses, office complexes, and even outdoors at street level as both sides battle it out to obtain valuable data. While one team advances to secure the area and the other plays defense using everything from firearms to wall-mounted explosives to overcome the incoming opposition .

The cleverly titled Firewall: Zero Hour is available now exclusively for PlayStation 4’s PS VR. For a more in-depth look into what new techniques the game brings to the party for the PS VR’s ever-growing catalogue, check out our review which will landing on DualShockers soon.

Eoghan is a gaming veteran with over 25 years of button mashing experience under his belt, and a particular interest in eSports. When not playing or collecting games, he can be heard presenting and producing radio shows in Ireland.