Firewatch Developer Fulfills Fan Request for a Real-Life Copy of In-Game Book

Firewatch Developer Fulfills Fan Request for a Real-Life Copy of In-Game Book

When one Firewatch fan sent a request for a physical copy of an in-game romance novel, developer Campo Santo responded!

Campo Santo, developer of the 2016 hit adventure title, Firewatch, recently revealed that in fulfillment of a fan’s request, members of the development team underwent a process to recreate a physical version of one of the pulp novels that players can find scattered around the in-game environment.

As detailed on Campo Santo’s official blog, one Ryan Real-Last-Name-Withheld had purchased one of the Crime by the Numbers Notebooks, reproductions of the notebooks that can be found within Firewatch and available on the Campo Santo online store. On the inside of these notebooks, you can find a fake order form for other novels in the fictional publisher’s warehouse. Apparently, Ryan decided to complete the form and send it into Campo Santo.

According to the developer, this was the first time someone had actually completed and returned the form, so they felt Ryan deserved something special. A few hours of illustration, design, some creative prowess in the writing realm, and one large-format photo printer purchase off of Craigslist later, and Ryan was sent one paperback copy of Mo Marlowe’s Love at First Site from Red Panda Press.

Now, if you’re starting to wonder if this process can be repeated, Campo Santo’s gift to this fan is the last of such that the developer will be providing, as the letter to Ryan clearly states. Of course, if Stanley Tucci asks for one, they will apparently make an exception.

You can see a few images of the book, its accompanying letter, and Ryan’s original order form in the gallery below.

At the start of 2017, DualShockers’ own Leif Conti-Groome named Firewatch as his Game of the Year 2016.