Firewatch Sold 500,000 Copies in its First Month, Over 1,000 Sets of Photos Shipped to Players

on March 19, 2016 5:11 PM

Panic, publishing partner with Campo Santo for Firewatch, recently published a blog post talking about the first month of Firewatch’s release.

Sales were mentioned, with Firewatch selling “500,000 full-price copies in its first month.” Panic’s investment in the game was made back “in about one day.”

While the PlayStation 4 version’s performance has been addressed with a patch, Panic promises they are not yet finished and will be continuing to improve performance, specifically on PS4 and Mac.

As for the special mechanic that allows for photos to be uploaded, printed, and sent to the player (PC only) there have been 214,802 photos uploaded and “well over 1,000 sets” shipped.

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