Praise the Sun with First 4 Figures Solaire of Astora Statue

Praise the Sun with First 4 Figures Solaire of Astora Statue

Praise that sun as First 4 Figures releases preorders for Solaire of Astora SD 9" PVC Statue alongside a "Making Of" video.

Good news! Your intense praising of the sun has reached the ears of the people at First 4 Figures. Now, they will be releasing a SD 9″ PVC Statue of everyone’s favorite sun-worshiping weirdo, Solaire of Astora, which you can preorder here. They’ve also released a hugely detailed, hour-long “Making Of” documentary if you’re interested in how these figurines get made; the video is just below if you want to give it a watch.

The adorable Solaire statue is 9″ tall, made of PVC, and is set to ship Q3 2018 for $99.99 in both standard and “Praise the Sun” editions. You can also pick up the deluxe combo edition for $184.99, which includes both figures and some extra goodies you can check out in the image below. Preorders are open until July 3, 2018.


Both figures feature LED lights, though the special “Praise the Sun” edition of the figure contains a more extensive light-job in addition to its transparent bronze color. They also come in some lovely boxes to ensure safety during transport and give you something else neat to stick on your shelves.

And, as promised, there’s also a video of how these figures get made, including materials, placement of LEDs, and all the technical good stuff if that’s your thing just below. Happy figure-hunting!