First Asura’s Wrath DLC Arrives to Expand the Campaign, Upcoming DLC Detailed

on March 27, 2012 5:00 PM

The first chunk of DLC for Asura’s Wrath is available today and I must say it’s being done in a rather unusual way. What we have today is Chapter 11.5 in the game which fills players in on what happens between two chapters in the game (no points for guessing which).

Next week will see another expansion on existing chapters with Chapter 15.5. Each of these offers a unique art style based on their anime influences and will each cost 160 Microsoft Points / $1.99. Following these will be a larger pack on April 24th which will bring four brand new episodes that will continue the story and reveal an “extra twist”. This last pack will cost 560 Microsoft Points / $6.99.

The final packs will arrive in May in two quick bursts: the first will let players fight Street Fighter‘s Ryu on May 9th and the second will let you fight Street Fighter‘s Akuma on May 16th. Each of these will again be 160 Microsoft Points / $1.99. Check out a trailer for the first pack after the break. 

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