First Bonus Coin Event Launches for Super Mario Run

First Bonus Coin Event Launches for Super Mario Run

Fan’s of Nintendo’s mobile outing Super Mario Run have an exciting limited time event to check out.

The Load of Coins promotion has been launched for the game. During this promotion, which ends on January 26th, players will be able to earn 1.5 times more coins than usual when they win Toad Rally matches, accessible via Rally Tickets.

These coins are useful for creating and personalizing your Mushroom Kingdom in the game. Players should be aware that you’ll only earn bonus coins upon winning a Toad Rally match, while standard coin values are yielded from losing the match. The number of toads gained or lost in these matches is also unaffected.

Super Mario Run has become a hit mobile title since release, clearing more than 50 million downloads before the highly requested Android version of the game has even become available.

Players should take advantage of this limited time event to earn enough for the big purchases they’d been eyeing.