First DLC Headed to MAG and It’s Free

First DLC Headed to MAG and It’s Free


Do not adjust your monitor, and no it isn’t a typo. The words Free and DLC are, in fact, in the title of this post… together. As if I couldn’t already say enough good things about Sony’s little FPS bundle of joy, they turn around and do this. The upcoming update will bring into play the often requested, Flashbang grenade. The perfect solution for when you want to disorient your opponent to the point that he/she looks as lost as Stevie Wonder on stage at an awards ceremony. And there’s more, just read on to find out.

It isn’t just an update for a flashbang either, Zipper will also be releasing a new light machine gun for each PMC faction as well. Which not only look different but also allow for different performance as well. Each PMC faction will also receive two new additional uniforms -“Trooper Dark” and “Trooper Light” which are design for “urban or interior combat.”

To top it all off, and to commemorate the release of the new DLC, MAG will have a double XP weekend starting on March 25th and ending on Sunday the 28th. For veterans who are already receiving the double XP this also applies to you. So I guesss  that’s like a quadruple XP weekend for some? Anyway, guess I’ll be taking my PS3 to PAX with me!

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