Check Out the First Five Minutes of the Persona 5 Anime

Check Out the First Five Minutes of the Persona 5 Anime

The Phantom Thieves steal our hearts with the first six minutes of Persona 5 the Animation now available on YouTube just for the fans.

Persona 5 was a smash-hit last year, and the upcoming anime based on the franchise is hyping up fans by releasing the first five minutes of the first episode, dubbed the “Prologue”.

Our hero is named Ren Amamiya (in contrast to the manga-canon name of Akira Kurusu), and the short prologue covers the first few minutes of the Persona 5 game, including the introductory heist and interrogation scene with Sae Nijima. While brief, we get a look at what the Persona 5 anime is shaping up to be.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear too much from our protagonist, and so, we don’t know what kind of personality the anime writers will choose for the hero. While Persona 3‘s anime chose the morose, silent answers for its protagonist and Persona 4 chose the weirdest answers for Yu, Persona 5 offers a wide range of possible personalities for Ren Amamiya. Personally, I’m hoping they decide to go the route of the snarky, borderline criminal answers to characterize our morally dubious hero.

You can look forward to Persona 5 the Animation streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu beginning April 7, 2018. You can also check out our review of Persona 5 here, or grab the fantastic game on Amazon to prep — not to mention Persona 4 the Animation: Complete Collection.

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