First Impressions - BFBC2 DEMO

January 28, 2010

The demo for Battle Field: Bad Company 2 made it’s way to the Xbox Live Marketplace today and gamers that downloaded it were in for a few problems. Word made it’s way around Twitter, forums, etc of gamers having all sorts of problems with the anticipated shooter adventure. Unable to join matches was the biggest problem facing gamers today. The people at Microsoft were made aware of the problem and was able to get it corrected, but what does this say for “first impressions” of not only Xbox but also for EA. Probably not much as games at the demo stage frequently have problems such as these which is why they have demos and beta testing.

However, it does show that Microsoft, and more specifically the Xbox Team, can handle a problem such as this in a timely fashion. As far as my experience with it today, I did not experience any of the problems that were being reported. In fact, the game play wasn’t bad. I did have a hard time getting used to the response of your character, as it was twitchy at times. Also had moments when I would pull the “trigger” and there would be somewhat of a lag before the fireworks would happen.

You have many vehicles to operate which makes the game fun, such as a ATV, Tank, Hummer, and Apache which I was able to operate. However, I recommend getting used to the controls, as they can be quite different than what you may be used to.  Weapons are readily available on the Alaskan Map you are able to play in the demo. From 50 cal mounted guns in buildings, cannons, turrets, etc make for a wild ride. In closing, I must say I enjoyed the demo on the 360 much more than the PS3. The graphics and overall game play seemed much smoother and less annoying. The demo is currently available for download and I recommend checking it out for yourself.

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