First Marvel vs Capcom 3 Costume DLC Announced

Marvel vs Capcom 3 just released today, and already we’re hitting that point. Oh yeah, you know what time it is kids! DLC announcement time! Capcom has let slip that the first costume pack DLC for the game will be releasing on March 1st, and at the very least contains a new alternate costume for Captain America, Chris Redfield, Ryu, Dante, Thor and Iron Man. The DLC will cost 400 Microsoft Monkey Monies AKA $5, but no word yet if it will be JUST these six characters or if everybody will receive a new costume.

The first Shadow Mode DLC will also be available on March 1st, but no details on pricing for that yet. Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine (which are bundled in the Special Editions of the game as a download code) will be available to everybody at a later date, but no details on that yet either.

The costumes in the pack are;

  • Iron Patriot (Norman Osbourne wore this costume as the Director of SHIELD after Tony Stark was kicked out)
  • Ryu’s Street Fighter 1 appearance
  • Classic Thor
  • Steve Rogers Secret Avengers Costume *
  • Resident Evil 1 Chris Redfield
  • Dante as Sparda

Hit the jump for a brief gallery of some of the outfits, or head to the official Capcom Unity website for WAY more pictures of them.

* Thanks to Alexandre pointing out how much of an idiot I am. It totally is his Secret Avengers outfit, I was commenting on the shield and screwed up.*

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