First Patch for NBA Live 14′ is a Series of Many More to Come

First Patch for NBA Live 14′ is a Series of Many More to Come

It’s safe to say NBA Live 14′ didn’t exactly go according to plan; between the lackluster gameplay, the rushed mentality from EA Sports and the underwhelming graphics; customers were unanimously displeased (to say the least).

Finally here’s some good news, according to a blog post from the studio, a patch has been released to include fixes for some of the game’s infamous problems. Some improvements should be very apparent, like changes to the timing required to hit a jump shot (offline and online), a lowered number of outside blocked shots and a fix for an audio bug with crowd noise in the “Big Moments” mode.

The much larger aspect of the first patch is an under-the-hood technology change that allows developers to release updates more quickly. This will involve a multitude of gameplay tuning, new animations, audio and visual assets directly as they become available.

More updates will be announced throughout 2014 as Executive Producer Sean O’Brien explains, “the company also promise[s] to deliver an improved experience, and feel this is the first step down that road.”

Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.