First-Person Platformer Dead Core Announced for PS4 and Xbox One; Receives New Trailer

First-Person Platformer Dead Core Announced for PS4 and Xbox One; Receives New Trailer

The highly acclaimed FPS platformer Dead Core is making its way onto consoles for the first time since its PC launch in 2014.

Grip Digital, the developer and publisher behind the recently released Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island has announced that Dead Core will be making its console debut on PS4 and Xbox One. Alongside the console announcement of the game, we also received a new announcement trailer for Dead Core, which can be seen below.

Originally released on PC on Oct 17, 2014, Dead Core is a platformer FPS that blends exploration, puzzles, and speed running mechanics for the ultimate challenge. Since its initial release on PC, the game has maintained a ‘Very Positive’ score among Steam players.

If you never got a chance to play Dead Core when it first launched on PC, here is a quick primer on the game’s premise:

After falling endlessly through powerful magnetic storms, players awaken in a desolate world. With no memory, they will explore an unforgiving futuristic environment, surrounded by void. On the discovery of a gigantic Tower emerging from the dense fog, they must make their way to the top, deciphering cryptic messages en route as they search for answers.

Equipped with a ‘SwitchGun’, a special weapon allowing players to activate or deactivate the Tower elements, fans will embark on a perilous journey full of traps, complex mechanisms, gaps to cross, and lethal foes, a journey that will eventually allow them to solve the mystery surrounding this strange and abstract world.

In the newly released trailer, which clocks in at 2 minutes and 17 seconds, we get to take a closer look at the game’s platforming and shooting mechanics. One thing that truly stands out from the trailer is that the environments in Dead Core look incredibly insane and should make and platformer enthusiast happy.

Dead Core will feature powers and upgrades that players can utilize to gain access to new areas of the tower. Players will also be able to challenge their friends in speedruns, where the results will be shown on Dead Core’s online leaderboards.

Dead Core is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on July 14, 2017!