First Playable Build of StarForge Released, a Block Building Game of a Different Variety

Usually seeing the words “like Minecraft but…” is a mark of death for a game but I think StarForge is going to change that pattern in the biggest way since Terraria. Right away the first thing you’ll notice that sets this game apart from the insanely popular indie game are the graphics which are quite a step above the simplistic style of Minecraft.

A trailer has been released for the first playable build which is available right now though apparently the man behind Minecraft has been talking about the game on Twitter all morning so the servers seem to be unable to deal with the load at the moment. You can try the direct download or the officially sponsored torrent of the current build however.

The game looks pretty interesting to say the least. The use of tilesets for the blocks combined with the world itself being built from voxels is a great start to be sure. In fact just judging from the trailer the physics can be a little goofy which seems to be the biggest glaring fault at the moment, though I haven’t had any luck downloading the game proper myself yet.

Check out the launch trailer below. It starts off showing some of the defense / survival portions of the game, but the real fun starts about a minute in when you get to see the world-building aspect in action. 

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John Colaw

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