First Promotional Mass Effect 3 Balloon Found (But Not on the Ground)

on February 24, 2012 6:15 PM

Remember how BioWare attached ten copies of Mass Effect 3 to weather balloons and launched them into the sky as part of a promotion earlier this week? Well, the first of those payloads has been spotted and the lucky winner is more likely to be Chip or Dale than anyone who will actually get any use out of the game. The balloon launched in San Francisco landed in a tree near the city.

A quick glance at the Mass Effect Facebook page gives you a glimpse at the trials and tribulations of the folks attempting to recover the copy of the game lodged tens of feet above the ground. They’ve tried every trick in the book: baseballs, slingshots, there’s even a Home Depot employee on site who says he can build a potato gun to shoot the thing down.

Of course, the one thing the group hasn’t thought to try is the one I would have initiated first: Call the fire department. Then again, I’m sure all those first responders would demand a playthrough before relinquishing the game. And I certainly wouldn’t want that. Check out the folks pondering how to claim their copy below, courtesy of the Mass Effect Facebook page.

First Promotional Mass Effect 3 Balloon Found (But Not on the Ground)

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