First Run of New Twisted Metal Will Include Voucher for PS2’s Black

on December 29, 2011 4:00 PM

Fans of the Twisted Metal franchise who pick up the new game due out Feb. 14 will be treated to a free downloadable copy of the PlayStation 2’s Twisted Metal: Black. Why? Because David Jaffe said so. The Twisted Metal co-director said the reason for including a download code for the PS2 classic was for this generation’s gamers to see firsthand the series’ evolution, particularly that of its mascot, Sweet Tooth.

But there are a couple of catches here. The first is that the download code is only available with first pressings of the game, so if you’re planning on waiting until the Greatest Hits edition or for a price drop, you’re likely to miss out. Also, the download will be based on the June 2001 build of Black, which, unfortunately, doesn’t support online play.

The voucher — not coupon. Jaffe made it explicitly clear this is not a coupon. Or food stamps, for that matter — is a sort of thank-you gift for hardcore fans. The Twisted Metal co-director also said that Black was the first step toward giving the franchise a darker look, which comes full circle when the series’ latest installment hits store shelves in a couple of months.

“We feel Black, was really, we were just getting started,” he said. “We feel this is the one that really allows us to sort of execute that original vision we had way back when on the very first Twisted Metal.

You know what they say: Out with the old, in with the new. Except in this case the old is coming in with the new.

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