First Screens of Sins of a Dark Age Appear

on March 13, 2012 5:15 PM

Ironclad Games’ recently-announced real-time strategy/multiplayer online battle arena hybrid has just had some screenshots released, though those lucky enough to demo it at GDC may have already seen some of these.

These screens from Sins of a Dark Age show off such things as the “Realm Power” effect, which gives you a dragon to command, the pink crystal and gold mine resources, shots of the UI, the armies, and several Area of Effect spells as well.

In Sins of a Dark Age, players join a team of heroes and a Commander in order to accomplish their goal in the scenario they are playing. You can choose to fight another team in a multiplayer match, or play co-op and fight against the AI as one. The games promises to have an ever-growing number of heroes, commanders, and factions as the game goes on, all with special unique capabilities. Visit the homepage to register for the beta, which will start this summer.

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