First Tomb Raider Map Pack Announced

First Tomb Raider Map Pack Announced

Square Enix has announced plans to bring its first map pack DLC to Tomb Raider’s multiplayer on March 19th, exclusively on Xbox 360.

The Caves and Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack will open up more areas for players with three new maps that can be played on each of the four multiplayer modes.

The map locations include the following:

  • Scavenger Caves – a network of underground caves used as an underground prison
  • Cliff Shantytown – settlement built on high island cliffs that is filled with deadly traps
  • The Burning Village – an abandoned Japanese village with burning buildings that feature various ways to escape or engage enemies

The pack will be available for 400 MS points and Tomb Raider fans on the 360 will want to pick up this pack as soon as it hits Xbox Live.