First Two Final Fantasy Titles Coming to PSN... In Europe

By Michael Perry

February 11, 2011

Now before you barrade me with hateful comments on how this does not pertain to the U.S. PSN store, I will say that these two games have been available on everything but my microwave and will only be a matter of time before the PSN gets both these titles. These are taken from the PSP versions of Final Fantasy 1 and 2 which means it has the extra dungeons to go exploring through. BUT, before you start hoarding your PSN dollars, you might want to look at the special offer Square is offering.

If you plan on purchasing Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy (that title is seriously so bad), then you might want to wait on purchasing the first Final Fantasy since Dissidia 2 (should be the title) will have a voucher for 50% off the first Final Fantasy. The same goes for The 3rd Birthday and the second Final Fantasy in which the 3rd Birthday will have a 50% voucher. I’m sure fans of Final Fantasy would love to have these two titles without having to carry around the UMD so putting them on the PSN is great. Let’s all hope they sell fairly well and Square Enix carries the same treatment to all the other old-school Final Fantasy titles. Who here would like to get trophies in Final Fantasy VI? Sign me up.

Again, this is currently only confirmed for Europe only but I’m very confident it will be coming to U.S. PSN store shortly after.

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