First Two Skyrim DLCs Will Be a Xbox 360 Timed Exclusive. Rage Ensues

First Two Skyrim DLCs Will Be a Xbox 360 Timed Exclusive. Rage Ensues

Looks like Microsoft is at it again, with the complicity of Bethesda: today they announced that, as happened with Fallout 3,  the first two DLC packs that will be released for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be a timed exclusive on Xbox 360, while gamers that will purchase the PC and PS3 versions will have to wait thirty more days to be able to enjoy the additional content.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of rage exploding on this subject, especially considering how strongly rooted and dedicated the PC community of The Elder Scrolls franchise is. I don’t doubt for a moment that many will see this as a betrayal on Bethesda’s part. The PC version of an Elder Scrolls game is definitely the best choice, content-wise, considering the access to the thousands of mods that can seriously improve the game and keep it fresh for several years (like it happened with Morrowind and Oblivion).

Now gamers will have to chose between getting the DLCs timely or getting the better version of the game. While this isn’t definitely a pleasant choice, something tells me that the vast majority will still chose the second option.

Maybe, just maybe, Microsoft should invest more money on funding their first party Studios and on the quality of their first party games, instead of dropping cash on third parties to try as hard as possible to screw everyone else over.

What I find the most ironic is that just yesterday, Turn 10 (part of Microsoft Game Studios) was complaining about the exclusivity on the Porsche brand that EA doesn’t want to let go. I guess according to some, exclusives are a bad thing only when they work against them. Karma is a bitch.