First Teardown of PS4 CUH-1200 New Model Shows More Differences with CUH-1100

on July 1, 2015 5:41 PM

The new PS4 model CUH-1200 series is out in Japan, and it was only a matter of time before someone decided to disassemble the beast to see its insides.

The Japanese blog Pocket News took up the missions, giving us a nice overview of the differences with the older CUH-1100 series model. Here are the most relevant points:

  • The plastic and metal parts of the HDD bay cover have undergone various changes, including the slits for air intake.
  • Under the secondary cover, the Blu-Ray LSI controller is hand soldered to the 12V outlet of the power supply, while the wireless antenna is on the back. The cover is there to avoid accidental contact with the 12V outlet when removing the hard disk drive.
  • The HDD is a 7mm thick HGST Travelstar Z5K500.
  • The position of the Blu-Ray drive, power source and cooling units are unchanged,  but the build of the Blu-Ray drive has been simplfied.
  • The power supply’s model number is ADP-200ER, and it weighs 364 g; It’s 80 g lighter than the ADP-240CR included in the CUH-1100.
  • Output voltage is +12 v at 1.5 A, , +4.8V at 16A.
  • The GDDR5 RAM is the K4G80325FB-HC03 that Samsung has started mass producing in January. Before there were 16 memory modules, now there are only 8 with twice the capacity each.
  • The motherboard is shorter by 20 mm from top to bottom and 40 mm sideways.
  • The size of the CXD90037G APU (19 mm) has not been changed. The 28 nm manufacturing process is also the same. The CUH-1100’s APU had the model number CXD90026AG
  • The secondary chip is the same model number CXD90036G, as the CUH-1100, like the SDRAM module connected to it, numbered K4B2G1646Q-BCMA.
  • The HDMI transmitter is a Panasonic MN864729.
  • The system boot LSI controller has also been changed to JP 2015-049675, while the LSI system controller is now A00-C0L2.
  • There’s no more Blu-Ray LSI controller on the motherboard.
  • The cooling system has been changed in the metal frame’s geometry, even if the fan is the same model number KSB0912HE as before. The number of blades and ratings are also the same.
  • The metallic shield for the heat sink has been changed from aluminum to steel.
  • The heat sink lost the heat pipe crossing the aluminum fins from the base plate, and is now integrated in the plate itself.

Below you can see a few pictures, giving you a good idea on what the internals of the new PS4 look like.


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