Solve Multi-Dimensional Puzzles in A Fisherman's Tale Gameplay Trailer

A Fisherman's Tale challenges players to think in multiple-dimensions as they solve puzzles by utilizing pieces from larger and smaller versions of reality.

Vertigo Games and Inner Space have released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming PS VR game A Fisherman’s Tale, showing off the multi-dimensional puzzles you will be solving to complete the game.

In A Fisherman’s Tale you control a fisherman who wakes up one day to find his world a little changed. Instead of opening his door to the usual outdoors, he found himself looking at the back of a much larger version of himself that moved when he did. In his room was a miniature version of the house he occupied, with a smaller version of himself inside also imitating his every move. By moving items between the different versions of reality you can discover the missing pipe or begin to flood the house with water from the larger version’s leak. There is even a talking crustacean who gives some (doubt-filled) commentary on your actions.

The concept looks really cool, as it reminds me of the finale for The Next Generation in which Picard has to coordinate the Enterprise across three time periods in order to solve a problem. If A Fisherman’s Tale can nail the interacting elements of various miniature versions of its reality it could be an amazing and unique puzzle game. Announced in August, Vertigo Games and Inner Space are aiming to have it released on Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, and Oculus headsets as well as PlayStation VR sometime soon according to the trailer.

Bend and twist reality in A Fisherman’s Tale, the mind-bending VR puzzle adventure game coming soon to PS VR.

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