Cat Combat And Bad Puns Arrive on Switch With Fisti-Fluffs

Cat Combat And Bad Puns Arrive on Switch With Fisti-Fluffs

Another cat-themed title is coming to the Switch in the form of Fisti-Fluffs, a cat-based fighting game

We all have that one friend that thinks puns are the peak of comedy. Keep this game far away from them. Fisti-Fluffs, a paw-to-paw combat game where players duke it out as cats was one of the many titles revealed coming to the Switch during today’s Nintendo Indie World showcase.

Developed by Playfellow studios and published by Rogue Games Inc., this title looks like what would happen if Gangbeasts had cats instead of human-esque fighters. The Game seems to take the physics-based approach to combat, with each fighter flailing at the other until one cat is crowned king. Cats will be able to swipe at each other and use household items to best their enemies.

Besides fighting other cats, Fisti-Fluffs seems to have some other game modes as well. Today’s trailer for the game shows a group of cats tearing apart the inside of a cafe as negative dollar amounts fly across the screen. I suppose it wouldn’t be a cat game unless there was a way for them to just totally destroy something.

Fisti-Fluffs is due to arrive on the Switch early on in 2021.