Fit For a King is a Darkly Comedic Henry VIII Simulator from Kitfox Games

Fit For a King is a Darkly Comedic Henry VIII Simulator from Kitfox Games

Another strange and intriguing game is coming from Kitfox Games, with Fit For a King providing sandbox fantasies of medieval royalty.

They say that it’s good to be the king, so Kitfox Games is going to do just that in one of their next titles. Appropriately named Fit For a King, this sandbox title is what the folks at Kitfox have labeled a “Henry VIII simulator.” For those who may not have paid attention to that portion from European History class back in high school, that basically means that this game will have you spending a whole lot of money and marrying whoever you want to.

This comes in a long line of unconventional and provocative titles from Kitfox Games, from their dark cult simulator The Shrouded Isle to their upcoming dating simulator slash dungeon crawler Boyfriend Dungeon, and their newly-announced paranormal investigation title Lucifer Within Us. But even so, Fit For a King looks quite different than the aforementioned games, first of all by boasting an 8-bit art style.

Fit For a King has the player in the role of either a King or a Queen in 1520, with the player attempting to outspend their rival King Frank. The problem at hand is that, well, you don’t know where all of the money is. As such, the player will have to go around a sandbox world and “humiliate France with your wealth and excess, or die trying.” This could very well be the most exciting game where you have to collect taxes and execute subjects.

There are 26 “royal commands” that the player can take advantage of, and by nature of being a sandbox game, Fit For a King will be largely non-linear. The game is developed primarily by Tanya X. Short, who has credits on The Shrouded Isle, Moon Hunters, and the upcoming Boyfriend Dungeon, and her partner Brent Ellison.

Check out the trailer and some screenshots of GIFs from the game below. You can read my interview with Short on Boyfriend Dungeon through this link. Fit For a King will be available on Steam on September 5.