Nintendo’s New York Store Held a Fitness Boxing Event Where People Literally Punched the Air

Nintendo’s New York Store Held a Fitness Boxing Event Where People Literally Punched the Air

Fitness Boxing looks like it makes a good public workout tool, maybe it could pop up in arcades next!?

If you were in New York today and saw a bunch of people punching at each other inside the Nintendo NY store, you’ll be pleased to know that they weren’t fighting a copy of Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. In fact, everyone was working out to Imagineer’s Fitness Boxing for the event being held at the store.

The Fitness Boxing event took place with two influencers showing off their well-timed moves. One of these influencers was Felia, one half of “The Nintendo Power Couple“. Felia and Danny are Nintendo brand ambassadors and has 7.4k subscribers on YouTube. The two create unboxing videos, reviews, and more.

The event was led by Niki Klasnic, an Instagram fitness influencer also known as sugarysixpack. She has a following of over 340k and even has her own app focused on fitness. Also in attendance was Refinery29’s Natalie M. as well as whoever from the general public wanted to take part. Hopefully, everyone chose to wear those Joy-Con wriststraps.

There are some photos below which are from Business Wire’s Website and the Associated Press Photo Network and have been scaled down. You can head to their website to see them in full quality.

You can see people getting into Fitness Boxing both alone and also by using the two-player modes that allow two users with separate pairs of Joy-Con’s to workout together. It looks like the game was giving off the right vibe with smiles and laughter as everyone punches into the air.

Fitness Boxing is the spiritual successor to Wii Fit and has players punching while holding the detached Joy-Con’s. Punches consist of jabs, straights, hooks, and more. Later workouts introduce dodges and full-body movements. As someone who is reviewing the title I can confirm that you really do get a workout, so you can expect Nintendo NY’s store to have had sweat all over the floor. You can expect to see the review here soon.

Back in October 2018, we learned of Fitness Boxing and that it was heading to the Switch in January 2019. Recently we noticed that the American version of the game has been rated T by the ESRB due to “Suggestive Themes”, more specifically because “all of the female characters have breast physics incorporated into their movements”.

Fitness Boxing is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.