Five Best Video Game Movies

By Jess Brohard

September 11, 2010

Movies based on video games are generally poorly received by the public, and they even garner criticisms from gamers. But not all these movies are terrible; and while it’s unlikely that a film adaptation of a video game will be the next Titanic, there are a few gems that stick out amongst the rubble.

5. Hitman

Although Hitman received generally negative reviews overall, it still merits a spot on the list for being an artistic and entertaining action movie that you don’t have to be a fan of the game to enjoy.

4. Silent Hill

With all the creepiness of the games on which it is based, Silent Hill was profoundly psychological, and had just the right balance of mystery and gore to send shivers down your spine. It appealed not only to fans of the game series, but fans of horror movies and psychological thrillers as well.

3. Resident Evil

With so many zombie movies out there, it’s hard to come up with a plot that isn’t overdone. Resident Evil, however, was surprisingly fresh. Its multiple sequels bespeak its financial success – it was widely received among more than just fans of the series. In fact, it is one out of only a handful of its kind to be viewed as more than just a movie based on a game; it was seen as an actual standalone film.

2. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Perhaps the most widely-recognized game character (other than Mario, of course), Lara Croft won over audiences everywhere. Although Tomb Raider was over-the-top in certain scenes, the overall style of the movie came off as campy in a charming way.

1. Super Mario Bros.

Ok, so this last one is a joke. Super Mario Bros. wasn’t really the best video game movie ever made. It was maybe the most corny, the one with the worst special effects, and the one least deserving of a sequel.

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