Five Dates Interview — Writer & Director Paul Raschid on Making a Romantic Comedy for Gamers

Five Dates Interview — Writer & Director Paul Raschid on Making a Romantic Comedy for Gamers

Writer Paul Raschid gives us a closer look at Five Dates, the FMV game where players experience the trials and tribulations of online dating.

We all know dating is hard, especially when it comes to online dating. Granted, 2020 has proven to be extra challenging in the dating field, which makes Five Dates, the newly-released online dating FMV sim, even more of a relatable experience than it already is. Even more impressive is the fact that the game was made remotely during the COVID-19 lockdowns, bringing an extra layer to a game about finding love during unusual times.

Following the game’s launch last month, we had the opportunity to talk with Paul Raschid, the writer of Wales Interactive’s newest FMV title Five Dates. Specifically, we went into the making of the game and how Raschid and the developers of the game envisioned Five Dates as being a sort of “romcom for gamers.” The conversation was also in collaboration with Six One Indie, where Mike Towndrow joined to talk more about the game.

You can watch the full interview with Paul below:

Five Dates is an FMV game that brings players through an “interactive feature film” starring Vinny, who has just joined a dating app for the first time and begins matching up with potential new love interests. He eventually finds himself matching with five women through the app, and the game has players stepping into the role of Vinny through his conversations with each of the five women.

Naturally, all five of the women that he goes on video dates with have wildly different personalities and interests, and during the conversations, the player has to make decisions about what to talk about next or to answer the dates’ questions. By the end of the game, the decisions and choices that you’ve made will impact your relationships with each of the potential love interests and how the story finally plays out.

Five Dates is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac.