Five New Characters Revealed and Tons More Info in the Latest XBlaze Code: Embryo Update

on June 26, 2013 6:57 PM

Five new characters, who were first seen in XBlaze Code: Embryo‘s opening movie revealed last month are finally being formally introduced in an update released by Arc System Works. XBlaze Code: Embryo is slated for Japanese release on July 25th for PS3 and PS Vita.

The first character is Avenge (original I know) and his identity is pretty much a mystery at this point. We do know that he is somehow involved with the D-Progressors Union and with Ripper. Speaking of him, Ripper is a ruthless killer who genuinely loves his profession. He has been on the  run for 10 years from the Mitsurugi Institute and has avoided having his spirit contaminated by the crystal in his body (I’ll explain this later).

Achat is an incredibly skilled magician in the Madou Association with the title “Ten Saints Achat.” She is well trusted and beloved by many and knows how to manipulate people psychologically; she is also very prideful and temperamental. Dry is also a magician with the title “Ten Saints Dry” and is very serious in nature. After finding out the true purpose of the Madou Association, he begins to follow them fanatically. Finally we have ZX, a fellow Madou magician with the title “Ten Saints ZX.” He is a genius at magic and the only one who can use Gravity magic because of the large amount of magical energy it requires, which only ZX can provide. There is a taciturn and inhospitable atmosphere surrounding ZX, which makes others uneasy around him.

The D-Progressors are known collectively as a Union, and their full name is “Drive-Progressors”. This affliction occurs in 1 in about 10,000 people and Mitsurugi Institute is responsible for their protection, management and treatment. There are three reasons why this system exists:

    • A certain mechanism, called the “Crystal” is generated somewhere on the body’s surface.
    •  This crystal captures the Element Well drifting in the air which allows the person to use an unique ability.
    • However, the price of this ability is spirit pollution that occurs in the subject and causes abnormal behavior.

What makes Ripper so unique is that he is a D-Progressor who does not show any irregularities. And in the city of Neo Yokosaki City, there are several unnatural death cases that may be caused by the D-Progressors.

There is also a little more system information that has been revealed. The AOS (Abstract OutLine System) is a pretty handy feature that recounts the story when you load up a save file. It even has full voice support and over 100 different patterns.

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