Five New Tracks for LEGO Rock Band

Five New Tracks for LEGO Rock Band

There have been a lot of different versions of Rock Band and Guitar Hero but Lego Rock Band is probably the most unique and unlikely. If it has as much success as the other titles it will be huge, especiallly because it will pull in younger rockers and fans of Lego as well.

Here are the 5 new tracks:

• “You Give Love a Bad Name” – Bon Jovi
• “In Too Deep” – Sum 41
• “Accidentally in Love” – The Counting Crows
• “Aliens Exist” – Blink 182
• “Tick Tick Boom!” – The Hives

Along with some of the previous tracks scheduled to grace the title:

• “Song 2” – Blur
• “Kung Fu Fighting” – Carl Douglas
• “The Final Countdown” – Europe
• “I Want You Back” – Jackson 5
• “Boys and Girls” – Good Charlotte
• “So What” – Pink

With LEGO-themed Rock Power Challenges that allow players to pull off amazing feats by performing killer riffs, and a Super Easy setting for up and coming rockers, LEGO Rock Band delivers music, humour and a whole lot of fun for the entire family.

I like that Lego has become a big franchise, but sometimes I fear that it may become over used. Lego Rock Band is one title that I will definitely pick up because of my love for Lego and Rock Band.

I am curious to see how easy the “Super Easy” mode will be and how many new young rockers they will be able to pull. This would be very useful as sometimes when I am playing Rock Band my younger nieces want to play and get frustrated even on Easy.