Five Things That Are Uttered During a Modern Warfare 2 Session Without Fail

By François Chang

August 6, 2010

For almost 9 months I have been actively playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and not because I think it is an amazing game, but because the social interaction it offers is just so darn fun. Many of my hardcore and casual gaming friends play Modern Warfare 2, and playing with friends on a game, no matter how crappy, offers some good times. So now that you know my brief history and why I still play Modern Warfare 2, I would like to share with you some of the stuff that happens every single night without fail. I have condensed this to a list of five things that is said/yelled/screamed every single Modern Warfare 2 session that have lasted over an hour. Please note, this is my experience on Xbox LIVE. I’m not sure how things are on the PSN side of things, but rumors are swirling that Modern Warfare 2 players on PSN don’t even talk. =P

1. “We lost (insert gamertag here), back out”

This happens when you and your party of friends try to enter a game together. Everything is cool until your party tries to merge with another. Suddenly, you realize one of your friends is missing and the whole party needs to back out to pick him/her back up. It is just one of the many messes that is included with your purchase of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The best part is when the same person continuously goes missing. They become hated for something entirely not their fault. It’s hilarious.

2. “Friggin’ noob tube/pill!”

The launchers and the painkiller are two features of a class that when abused correctly can seriously piss people off. With that said, there is always someone in the room that gets put over the edge and loses their mind. They have either been killed by far too many launchers, or they have encountered someone who sucked enough to earn the painkiller death streak to get an unfair kill pulled off on them. This one is not only guaranteed to be heard during every Modern Warfare 2 sitting, but also will be said by even you once or twice. And for those who are the ones who do the noobtubing or the painkilling, I genuinely believe you won’t be reading this based on the fact that you all are busy farting in paper bags to smell for later. Grow up!

3. (Obnoxious singing/noises/screaming)

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 there is a 30-60 second time window where players cannot be muted. It happens as the match is starting up. When I enter a lobby, I give all players the benefit of the doubt. Unlike most people, I do not mute everyone before the game starts. Well, I end up getting punished for this because during what I call the ‘all hell breaks loose’ period, my ears are pierced by all kinds of noises. And the ones who understand they cannot be muted, especially during the loading screen where they also get the luxury of anonymity, abuse this the most. It is awful, and I really need to learn my lesson and mute every person the first chance I get.

4. “I was one away!”

This one is usually uttered by the person on your team who is going for the tactical nuke. It is the most funny thing when a person is one away from getting the epic killstreak and they end up getting killed right before doing so. This also applies to other killstreaks, but it is simply much more epic when it is roared by a person who was one away from nuking.

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5. “Are you kidding me!?/That was fake!/Impossible!/Unbelievable!/That was crazy!”

The last on this list comes in multiple forms, but the basic meaning behind each of them is all the same. It is something said out of sheer anger during every single session, if not match, of Modern Warfare 2. The game is so inconsistent with gameplay flaws and priority connections that throw off the whole balance of the game. It is no wonder people are screaming or complaining half the time. How many times have you seen someone knife the air and kill someone? How many times have you seen a killcam winning kill that truly was not deserved? Good choice by Infinity Ward excluding in-game replays of matches. It would have exposed the game’s mess more than it has already been exposed.

There you have it. The five things that are heard during a Modern Warfare 2 session without fail. The next time you play, be sure to not be surprised to hear any of the five listed above.

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