Flight Sim World Adds Impressive Sky Tech Used in Ace Combat 7 and Driveclub

Flight Sim World Adds Impressive Sky Tech Used in Ace Combat 7 and Driveclub

The skies of Flight Sim World have suddenly become much better with the addition of TrueSKY technology.

You’d think that absolutely different games like Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown and Driveclub have nothing in common, and you’d be wrong. Both use a technology developed by Simul and named trueSKY to render their impressive clouds, weather and skies.

Today Dovetail Games updated its own flight simulator Flight Sim World to include that same technology as part of its eighth Early Access update.

The new tech improves the look and feel of the game’s skies dramatically, and it being a flight simulator, that’s definitely relevant.

The update also includes a bunch of fixes and tweaks, which you can read at the bottom of the post.

Alongside the update, Dovetail Games also released a trailer showing off the new tech, and a second video providing a handy comparison with and without trueSKY.

Flight Sim World is currently in Early Access on Steam, exclusively available for PC. If you want to see more, you can check out the first trailer, and another released for the game’s launch.

As a big fan of the flight simulation genre, it’s nice to see a game like this taking shape. I can only hope that it’ll manage to achieve what Dovetail Games is aiming for, because I’ve been missing an outstanding experience within the genre since the glorious times of Flight Simulator 2004. I even used to have a fairly extensive website dedicated to modding the game in order to simulate flying over Japan with the best degree of realism possible. I might just be a bit of a flight sim weeb.


  • Introduction of trueSKY-based advanced weather engine. Weather themes represented in trueSKY are denoted by the “advanced” label in the weather selection menu. These themes will only be available when advanced weather is activated. You can toggle this setting on and off under the DISPLAY section in the Settings menu.
  • Please note: Advanced weather uses the same weather slider under the display tab and may need to be adjusted.


  • Cold/Dark can now set mixture correctly


  • Various G1000 annunciator fixes including corrections to the CHECK GEAR, STAL HT FAIL, and GLOW ON messages
  • G1000 – system start-up screens added


  • Door handle tooltip corrected
  • Fuel pump switch animation corrected


  • Text legibility improved
  • Interior visual model improvements
  • Alternator functionality corrected

PA-46 Malibu Mirage

  • Mixture lever made easier to control with mouse
  • Avionics/ radio master switch added


  • Controls are now saved when you exit the settings screen


  • Fix for overlapping text in flight plan summary info
  • Bug fix for music slider
  • Removed hover audio from map airports
  • Header bar locked out until after DT live/profile screens
  • Fix for tooltips appearing on loading screen