Flight Sim World Lauches on Steam Early Access on May 18th, and it Looks Great

Flight Sim World Lauches on Steam Early Access on May 18th, and it Looks Great

Will Dovetail Games manage to rekindle the glorious days of flight simulation with Flight Sim World?

Dovetail Games, known for Train Simulator and for publishing the Steam edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, recently announced that its new flight simulator Flight Sim World will launch on Steam Early Access on May 18th.

Below you can check out an official description and bullet points, directly from Steam.

“Flight Sim World is a flight simulation platform developed by Dovetail Games. Based on benchmark technology, FSW includes the whole world as well as several single and twin propeller aircraft to get you started.

The aircraft in Flight Sim World have been created using the latest modelling and rendering technologies resulting in stunning realism and detail. Every switch and gauge in the cockpits are clickable, while a range of animations really brings the experience to life.

Not only do the core aircraft look amazing, but they also react to their environment realistically. A combination of atmospheric effects and advanced mechanics result in a remarkably unique flight experience.

If creating content is your passion, we have included the Pro Mission Editor, which is a comprehensive tool that allows you to create your own missions.”

  • Free Flight: The whole world is yours to explore in Free Flight mode!
  • Multiplayer (Alpha): Fly with your friends on Steam! Please note Multiplayer is still in its Alpha stage, so you may experience bugs.
  • Lessons & Missions: Learn the basics with our LAPL and PPL based lessons, and then test your skills with a series of missions.
  • Integration of Accu-Feel technology
  • Fleet of highly detailed GA aircraft
  • Easy to use flight planner
  • Realistic flight model
  • Integrated Orbx FTX Global textures
  • Lessons and missions to test your skills
  • Pilot profile to keep track of your flight hours
  • Pro Mission Editor

The game early access will include seven accurately simulated GA aircraft (General Aviation: basically private aircraft that aren’t airliners or military), in order to allow the developer to focus on developing them with the necessary quality. Usually, base models in this kind of title tend to be pretty bare bones, but what we’ve seen so far is impressive in terms of details and visuals.

That being said, during a Q&A livestream there was talk about possibly including airliners and helicopters at some point in the future.

Dovetail Games is also working with third party developers to bring plenty of additional content to the simulator, which is something that both fans of Train Simulator and of the old and glorious Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise should be used to.

Below you can check out a couple of videos and some really lovely screenshots.

On a personal note, I’ve been waiting for a flight sim to catch my attention since the beloved times of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. This looks really promising, so I’m crossing my fingers.