Flight Sim World Leaves Early Access and Officially Releases with Scenic Launch Trailer

Flight Sim World Leaves Early Access and Officially Releases with Scenic Launch Trailer

Dovetail Games tries to bring back the golden age of flight simulators with its newly-released Flight Sim World, which left early access today.

Dovetail Games released today its new flight simulator Flight Sim World, that has been in early access since May 2017.

The game is available on Steam for  $39.99. For the moment it focuses on general aviation with seven ultra-detailed aircraft to enjoy. Below you can read a list of features.

  • Seven gorgeous single and twin propeller aircraft featured.
  • Advanced weather engine powered by trueSKY technology.
  • Immersive lessons and challenging missions to test your skills.
  • Pilot profile which keeps track of your progress.
  • Professional grade tools for creating your own aircraft and scenery using the Flight Sim World SDK, and a detailed Mission Editor that allows you to create and share missions on Steam Workshop.
  • Integration of Accu-Feel™ technology .
  • Integration of the critically acclaimed Orbx FTX Global, which provides stunning land and seascapes to enjoy from above.

The sim now enters phase 2 of development, with bigger but less frequent updates that will include business jets and even the much-requested airliners. The first update is actually coming rather soon, on February 1st, including the implementation of dynamic weather.

Below you can read what we can expect over the coming months:

  • A variety of aircraft, including airliners
  • IFR and ATC upgrades
  • World improvements
  • Dynamic and live weather

Executive producer Stephen Hood provided more details in a comment.

“We have some really exciting updates planned. We are working on weather and world improvements, IFR, and the introduction of sleeker, faster aircraft, from business jets right through to the all-important airliners, all delivered with the key features that support them. The feedback our community has given during early access has absolutely steered the program for what we bring to Flight Sim World next.”

SVP of Development Rob O’Farrell also talked about the future of the game.

“We are confident that our players will feel the benefit of us focusing on their feature requests now that Flight Sim World’s foundations are in place. Larger updates will really allow us to deliver high-priority community features and aircraft this year.”

It’s difficult to say whether Flight Sim World will help to bring back a bit of the golden age of flight simulators, that for me culminated with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. I still remember the countless hours I spent modding it and flying over a world that back then seemed absolutely incredible. I still remember the pain I felt when Microsoft killed the franchise. Flight sims are and will always be my first gaming love.

Not many know that back then I used to run a website that gathered mods and add-ons dedicated to better simulating flight over Japan. Yeah, I was a weeb in this as well, and it was a lot of fun.

In the meanwhile, while I wallow in my memories, you can check out some new screenshots and the launch trailer below. Incidentally, if you’re interested in trying the game out, check back on DualShockers tomorrow, because we have a surprise coming.