Flipping Death Will Launch Physically on Nintendo Switch

Flipping Death Will Launch Physically on Nintendo Switch

The newest trend in the indie developer scene is long-form, developer blog-style YouTube videos — and Zoink! Games is no exception. The creators of Zombie Vikings and Stick It To the Man featured a 13 minute long video detailing the in’s and out’s of their upcoming game, Flipping Death.

Notably revealed in the footage is the fact that Flipping Death will get a physical (as well as the usual eShop) release for Nintendo Switch. While Zoink!’s CEO and Community Manager freely admit that not everything regarding the production of the physical disks is settled behind-the-scenes, the game will be coming physically one way or the other.

Along with this, the developers fleshed out details — while you may have guessed it based on gameplay videos and Zoink!’s signature art style, the game will very much act like Stick It To the Man in the sense where it focuses on puzzle platforming, story, and very bizarre situations.

That said, the intend to scrap Stick It To the Man‘s adventure game-like inventory system, in exchange for something more free-form. Specifically, the game’s new feature of being able to possess other living person’s bodies.

Zoink! also mentioned within the video that they are in the process of trying to get both of their older games, Zombie Vikings and Stick It To the Man, onto the Nintendo Switch. They briefly mention upcoming game Fe, without answering if that will also be coming over — “we can’t say much about that” says Zoink!’s CEO.

Last but not least, Zoink! reconfirms that Flipping Death will utilize a few underutilized features on Nintendo Switch like HD Rumble support.

Flipping Death was first revealed during Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase, following the reveal of Nintendo Switch. The game focuses on the main character Penny, as she takes over the role of Death while he is on vacation. Players are able to flip the world around, highlighting the living and dead side, to solve problems.

Flipping Death currently has no confirmed platforms — other than Nintendo Switch — or a release date. But check out the Q&A video below where Zoink! also discusses inspirations and more: