Floral Courtyard Genshin Impact Violet Garden Event Puzzle 4 Solution

How to clear the final part of Floral Courtyard to get free Primogems

April 14, 2022

The final part of the Floral Courtyard inside the Hues of the Violet Garden event of Genshin Impact was released on April 14, and this time NPC Fushizome has asked us to solve one final puzzle with the theme “The branches, curved like rainbows, are dyed in myriad colors”, here’s how to solve it to get your free Primogems.

Final Part of the Ikebana Genshin Impact Event Released

This is it now, the Floral Courtyard event is coming to an end. Making your own Ikebana is pretty fun, and solving the puzzles and themes could have been even better if only the hints didn’t immediately spoil everything. In any case, fully clearing the Floral Courtyard is one of the conditions in order to get all the rewards in Hues of the Violet Garden. And even if the Event ends, we will be able to make our own Ikebana in the Serenitea Pot too. Assuming the maintnance finally ends one day.


The Floral Courtyard Theme 4 (Part 4 April 14) Puzzle Solution

  • Base: Flourishing Bloom
  • Floral Scene: Flowing Melodies and Rainbow Branches
  • Main Flower-
  • Front-left: a short Ring of Hearts
  • Front-center: short Silhouette of the Wind’s Reverie
  • Front-right: a short Ring of Hearts
  • Back-left: a medium-height Mirror of the Sun
  • Back-center: a tall Mirror of the Sun
  • Back-right: a medium-height Plume of Wishes

These are the flowers you’ll need to select to complete the final day of the event.

The branches, curved like rainbows, are dyed in myriad colors – Screenshot

The branches, curved like rainbows, are dyed in myriad colors

What are your thoughts on this event, did you enjoy the Floral Courtyard? Let me know in the comments! All of the parts of Hues of the Violet Garden, the main event of Genshin Impact 2.6, have now been released. The event and the Irodori Festival in Inazuma will continue till April 25. Make sure to clear everything before then.

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