Florence Pugh's Instagram Cooking Has Won the Internet

Cooking with Flo is bound to put a smile on your face.

By Jo Craig

July 14, 2021

Black Widow actor Florence Pugh became one of the saviors of lockdown last year, when she began presenting cooking tutorials on Instagram.

Marvel fans are currently praising Pugh’s portrayal of Yelena Belova in Natasha Romanoff’s swan song feature in the MCU, but the actor has been flaunting her talents in many features before.

Fighting with My Family, Little Women and Midsommar are some of the films you will know Pugh from, and everyone should tune into her Instagram cooking at least once.

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Launch | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

Launch | Marvel Studios’ Black Widow

Cooking with Flo

Cooking with Flo began last year during the brunt of lockdown, when Pugh would upload a series of cooking clips to her Instagram stories.

Not only did fans receive tasty new recipes to try, but Pugh’s charisma and good humor made her tutorials an absolute joy to watch.

Everything from roasts to chickpea salad was on the chopping block, while Pugh drank wine and sang along to background music.

The actor frequently showed off her aprons and extensive kitchen, where she would roll her sleeves up and enjoy some homemade treats.

Above all else, Pugh’s humor, including a few innuendos, made the whole series worth watching and brought a lot of joy to fans during darker times.


Pugh swears by the Greek sauce Tzatziki, claiming that it “goes with everything.”

Cooking with Flo presented fans with Pugh’s Tzatziki recipe at the start of the year, and it was made extremely clear that full-fat Greek yogurt had to be used, otherwise the chef would be “angry.”

Cucumber, garlic, salt and pepper to taste was all added to the yogurt to make a homemade stash of the condiment, and Pugh encouraged her fans to send pictures of their attempt.

Lockdown may have lifted for now, but Pugh’s cooking tutorials are a constant ray of sunshine, and we can’t wait to see what she tackles next.

Florence Pugh / Instagram
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