Flotsam Lets You Build Your Perfect Floating Garbage Town

Flotsam is a city-builder set in a Waterworld-like future where every city is made out of salvaged trash.

Fans of city-building games have tons of options available that fill various niches. You can build a beautiful, modern city in Cities: Skylines, a frozen dystopian settlement in Frostpunk, or even a massive dinosaur island in Jurassic World Evolution. However, those mostly take place on land. Pajama Llama Games new city-builder Flotsam lets you build your dream town on the open sea.

In Flotsam, you’ll start building your garbage town in a world that’s been completely flooded by water. The vast ocean is harsh, but as you collect trash, you’ll unlock new buildings that will help you survive. In some ways, it looks quite a bit like most city-builders; however, the ocean setting does quite a bit to inject life into the genre.

Because you’re on the water, your city can float. Which means you’ll be able to move through the world and find various ruins and other structures to dismantle and help build up your city. Once you’ve fulling scavenged a particular area, getting more garbage is as simple as opening up your sails and moving to the next location.

Flotsam is available in early access on PC via Steam now. The devs are planning to stay in early access for about a year as they flesh out the game. As they go, they’d like to use player feedback to help direct some of the development and make Flotsam the best city-builder it can be. The full release will also bring a price increase. So if it’s something you’re interested in, you might want to pick it up now at the lower price. Stay with DualShockers for all your indie news.

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