Fnatic and Invictus Gaming Advance in League of Legends Worlds 2018, Quarterfinal Matchups Now Set

Following Fnatic's victory in Group D of the League of Legends World Championship, this weekend's quarterfinal matchups were finally slated.

The final day of the Group Stage has ended in the League of Legends World Championship 2018 and the final results in Group D weren’t all that close.

As we saw in last week’s games, the gap in Group D between Fnatic and Invictus Gaming compared to G-Rex and 100 Thieves seemed to be vast, so coming into today’s matchups, it was more than likely a foregone conclusion who would be coming out of the group. By the day’s end, Fnatic and Invictus were indeed the teams that exited Group D, but it was Fnatic who ended on top in dramatic fashion.

Fnatic ended today going 3-0 in today’s regulation games, which ended up tying them with Invictus Gaming who went 2-1 on the day. This led to a tiebreaker matchup in which Fnatic once again came out on top and in the process locked up the first seed in the region. Invictus Gaming finished in second with 100 Thieves in third and G-Rex finishing winless in last place.

Following the end of Group D, the final 8 teams heading into the Knockout Stage of Worlds were officially set, all that needed to be done was decide which teams would square off. After a random draw, here’s how the next round’s matchups ended up setting up.

  • Cloud9 vs Afreeca Freecs

  • Fnatic vs Edward Gaming

  • Royal Never Give Up vs G2 Esports

  • kt Rolster vs Invictus Gaming

If you’re a fan of the western teams still remaining in this tournament, you have to love how this stacks up. Cloud9 pulling Afreeca Freecs, arguably the weakest number one seed, sets up well for those holding out hope for North America’s last team. Fnatic is also set up incredibly well to potentially move on to Finals this year given the teams in their side of the bracket.

On the other end, arguably the best teams in the tournament might have to face each other before Finals, which is somewhat of a disappointment. RNG and kt Rolster are considered by many to be the favorites at Worlds this year and assuming they both advance, will have to face each other in semifinals. That said, G2 Esports and Invictus Gaming aren’t pushovers by any means. It’s going to be a bloody side of the bracket.

Quarterfinals are slated to kick off on Friday night (or technically Saturday morning) with the first series of kt Rolster and Invictus Gaming beginning at 12:00 AM EST. RNG and G2 will then face off at 4:00 AM EST before with the other two series beginning at the same times the following day.

This weekend is going to be downright crazy and I’m stoked as can be to see what comes of this Knockout Stage. Even though I’ll have to stay up until roughly 8:00 AM to watch all of these games in their entirety, that’s something I’m absolutely willing to power through.

Logan Moore

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