Focus Home Interactive: Publisher Weekend Partners with Steam to Bring Huge Game Discounts

Focus Home Interactive: Publisher Weekend on Steam sale brings huge discounts across the publishers' archive with over 50 titles

on September 21, 2018 12:11 PM

Focus Home Interactive has partnered up with Steam to bring fans and curious new players a whole library of discounts running across five days, starting from September 20th until September 24th on more than 50 original titles. Gone are the days of shuffling around your game collection wondering what you can play whilst muttering “I don’t have any games”, well now you have no excuse.

This time around, Focus Home Interactive: Publisher Weekend will feature discounts on a wide range of games that include the recent hit Vampyr and The Surge which include all recently released DLCs. Of course, there has to be something for those that enjoy some simulation game-play so with that, Focus Home has introduced  Spintires: MudRunner, the ultimate off-road simulator and Farming Simulator 17, which includes the platinum expansion and all DLCs also.

Here’s a short run-down on a few of the games available for discount:

To see the full list of discounted games and prices, head on over to the Focus weekend on Steam and see what you can grab from September 20th until September 24th.

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