Pokémon GO Looking Title Follow JC GO Lets You Capture Religious Figures with Your Mobile

Pokémon GO Looking Title Follow JC GO Lets You Capture Religious Figures with Your Mobile

Follow JC GO is a mobile game that lets you walk your neighborhood in search of religious figures.

Have you ever been wandering around, innocently catching Pokémon in Pokémon GO and then suddenly realize that Pokémon means “Pocket Monsters”!? Well, that’s okay because as reported by Corriere della Sera an Italian newspaper, there’s a new game from Fundación Ramón Pané that lets you hunt down religion figures instead. It’s called Follow JC GO and there’s a trailer below from October 14 2018.

Now, I have downloaded this and jumped into it to get a hands-on experience with the iOS app that is also available on Android, and while it offers multiple languages, they’re not selectable options so really you’re stuck playing it in Spanish. After consulting translator sites I got in and gave it a shot.

Similarly to Pokémon GO, Follow JC GO uses the GPS in your phone to get you out and about. As expected, you’re surrounded by religious figures to hunt down, nearby I could see Virgen del Carmen, Nuestra Señora del Buen Camino, a bible, and even Adriana Fortescue.

Also surrounding the players in Follow JC GO are three items to collect that match the three items are the bottom of your screen. One of these is bread, the other looks like wine, and one is a spirituality. Spirituality led me to a screen in which I could make a direct donation to the Fundación Ramón Pané in exchange for in-game currency. As for them all, they seem to drop lower over time with my wine going from 100/100 to 94/100 while writing this piece. A small survival element it seems to keep players going out.

There’s even a ranking system which contains players, eTeams, and countries. Messages can be sent and received, and there’s a profile section so you can keep tabs on how you’re doing. I didn’t get to test this out, but according to Corriere della Sera when you capture religious figures in Follow JC GO you’re given questions that if answered correctly you’ll get them added to your eTeam. A team of evangelization.

It’s certainly a different twist to the usual Pokémon GO copies we see, and we’ve even heard mutterings of a Harry Potter AR Game to come from Niantic, Inc. However, if Follow JC GO isn’t your thing, you can jump into Pokémon GO’s timed Halloween event while you can.

Follow JC GO is available for iOS and Android, however, seems to only support Spanish at the time of writing but shows various supported languages to come, English being one.