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Are you a soccer fan? Think you know a ton of soccer facts? Then leave your ball and cleats at home and have at it with Football Genius: The Ultimate Quiz and its more than 3500 questions about your favorite players, teams and tournaments.
This title obviously uses the football terminology as does the rest of the world, so for us here in the U.S., it would be Soccer Genius. I must admit that I am about as far from a soccer genius as you can get but this title is made for those fans that are in the know.

You can play a half or full game with your Avatars with up to four players locally or jump online. You start with a “Kick Off” which is multiple choice and you try to choose the correct one as fast as you can for maximum points. There is another mode called “Phased Out” which has you guess what player is about to be shown as his image is slowly revealed on a soccer ball. Another mode called “Get the Picture” asks questions about an image that is shown. Another round was called “Throw In” which gave you clues on the screen as time winded down and the first to chime in would win.

The title is well done and is fun since you can battle with friends over who has the best knowledge of football/soccer. In my case guessing was huge and unless the question revolved around Pele, Beckham or Ronaldo, I was pretty much wrong and stuck with guessing with X, which is the equivalent of C.

The game is a lot more fun if you follow soccer/football. Unfortunately for me I do not so the good times were limited but that was not the fault of the game, more of my soccer novice. If you are interested there is a Trial of the game on Xbox Live available for free so check it out.

Title: Football Genius The Ultimate Quiz
Developer: I-Imagine Interactive
Publisher: RTL Sports
MSRP: 800 MS Points
Release Date: 9/30/2009
Review Copy Info: A copy of this game was provided to DualShockers Inc. by the publisher for reviewing purposes.

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