Football Manager 2021 Reached 1 Million Unit Sales Faster Than Any Other Entry in the Series

Football Manager 2021 Reached 1 Million Unit Sales Faster Than Any Other Entry in the Series

Football Manager 2021 is the fastest-selling title in the whole series so far with over 1 million unit sales in less than two months.

Sports Interactive has been working on the Football Manager series for decades now and with the most recent entry of the franchise they reached a new milestone for the first time in their history: Football Manager 2021 managed to reach 1 million unit sales faster than all the previous iterations of the franchise.

In a recent tweet by Miles Jacobson, the director of the Football Manager 2021 at Sports Interactive, it’s been revealed that the game has sold over 1 million copies in over a month after its launch on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Additionally, over 900,000 players have played the game last week, which is an outstanding number for the series.

For the first time since 2008, Sports Interactive and SEGA decided to return the series to the consoles as well with Football Manager 2021. Almost a week after its launch on PC later in November last year, both current-gen and last-gen consoles of Xbox received the game by the beginning of December 2020. Thanks to its Play Anywhere feature, those who have purchased the game through Microsoft Store are able to play it on both PC and console without any extra payments.

Aside from its financial performance, Football Manager 2021 has made great progress in the series content-wise when you compare it to the previous titles of the franchise. The managing options and systems are deeper now and your choices in each area of your job have significant outcomes. Besides, the match engine now looks better and some new interview opportunities before and after the matches make the game feel more realistic.

Football Manager 2021 is currently available for $49.99 on Steam and Microsoft Store. If you haven’t played any entry of the series yet, SEGA offers you a full-access demo version of the game on Steam to play for free. During your demo session, you will have access to every content in the game and you are allowed to play half of a football season.