For Honor DLC Maps and Modes Will All Be Free

For Honor DLC Maps and Modes Will All Be Free

Ubisoft has confirmed that all future maps and modes that come to For Honor will be free to download for everyone.

Why? Well, according to game director Damien Kieken ecause it doesn’t want to split the community. Kieken adds:

“So everything that’s matchmade [including] new modes and new maps, will be given for free to the players. We’ll also have other free content. We are a big team supporting the game after launch.”

While new maps and modes will be free, there is no mention of new heroes being added on for free. Which wouldn’t be a surprise, as this type of post-launch support seems to be Ubisoft’s new strategy for multiplayer games. Rainbow Six Siege (which is another Ubisoft developed and published game) receives free maps, but the games operators (For Honor’s equivalent to heroes) always either cost earned in-game currency or real money. While For Honor’s post-launch heroes could be made free as well, nothing is confirmed after all, Ubisoft is likely going to support For Honor the same way it did Siege.

Personally, I’m happy to see developers not dividing communities and fan bases via paid maps and modes. And I hope this type of balanced post-launch support continues and proliferates across the industry.

In other For Honor news, we recently sat down with creative director Jason VandenBerghe for an interview, as well published our hands-on preview of the game.

Additionally, Ubisoft also recently announced a closed beta for the game, and dished out four new trailers.