For Honor Introduces Kill Card Free Roam Emote in Wake of Community Backlash

For Honor Introduces Kill Card Free Roam Emote in Wake of Community Backlash

For Honor's Weekly Content Update focuses on a flashy new emote that brings out a medieval Gambit vibe to the physical melee PvP game.

Another week, another content update from For Honor — Ubisoft’s premier physical weapon fighting experience. And this week Ubisoft has a lot to answer for when speaking to the community. After a very brief uproar about the Montreal-based studio removing content (which they had since reneged on), many fans of the game were looking forward to see what exactly they would be announcing this week.

In that regard, it seems that Ubisoft Montreal isn’t drawing attention to that controversy in their Weekly Content Update video. Instead, they are offering a Free Roam Emote that is available for free (and should already be in-game). Seen in the video below, the Weekly Content Update focuses on how this looks for all the different classes of fighter. [Editor’s Note: My personal favorite is found around 1:17 ~L].

Of course, it may have been a bit overzealous to expect something addressing fan concerns more broadly in the Weekly Content Update, which normally focuses on emotes, outfits, and executions.

Outside of this small emote addition, we will absolutely be seeing some broader changes in the near future. Those who watched Ubisoft’s E3 Press Conference will remember that the Marching Fire update will include a Castle Siege mode. However, those additions should be coming sometime in October 2018.

For Honor is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you haven’t had a moment to try out the game or check out the multiple free-play weekends, you can also grab the game on Amazon at a crazy-low price. Check out the Weekly Content Update below:

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