For Honor Open Beta Now Available for Preloading Before Launch

For Honor Open Beta Now Available for Preloading Before Launch

With its open beta on the horizon in just a few days, players looking to try out For Honor this weekend can prepare for battle by preloading the beta now.

In just one more week, the battle begins between Vikings, Knights, and Samurai with Ubisoft’s new action title For Honor, and those looking to jump in to the battle through this weekend’s upcoming open beta can prepare by downloading the (war) assets now.

Preloading has officially begun for the upcoming For Honor open beta, with the beta client now available across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. To download the client on PC, Steam users can search in store for the beta and hit “Play Now” to initiate the download, while Uplay users can already find the beta waiting in the “Free Games” section to start downloading. PS4 and Xbox One owners will be able to find the beta in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Marketplace, respectively.

Users that played in the previous closed beta for For Honor the other week will be able to download an automatic update — if they already had the closed beta client still installed — on all platforms to convert it into the open beta. If you had the closed beta client downloaded but deleted it, you can simply redownload the client again, which will then activate an update to bring you into the open beta once its finished.

In total, the closed beta weighs in around 20-30GB (depending on the platform you’re playing on), so definitely make sure you free up some space if you need it for the beta client. The open beta for For Honor will be running from February 9th – 12th, arriving just a few days before the game’s final release.

For Honor will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.